"Waze" for salespeople

"Waze" for salespeople

"Waze" for salespeople"Waze" for salespeople"Waze" for salespeople

 SalesMaps will identify new prospects throughout your daily travels plus additional features creating the "Modern Rolodex "

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About SalesMaps


The Story


Founder Timothy Blaney developed SalesMaps out of necessity. Spending 3-4 Days a week on the road tallying 2,500+ Miles a month working in Outside Sales he was in search of a tool to make keeping track of it so much easier. After trying all available options and saving no time, spending money on subscriptions and still needing multiple apps, he knew there had to be a better way. That is when he set off to build the most important tool a salesperson can have since the rolodex and empower other sales professionals to close more deals.

End user Features


SalesMaps Included Features


-Navigation using the Waze API

-Visit Suggestions 

-Links to your contacts and calendar. 

-When a meeting is booked, and location added to your calendar this will scan your contacts for additional clients near by.

-When out driving geolocation based alerts if you are nearby a business contact in your phone. 

-Before starting a trip a “Search Nearby” will occur for your target businesses prompting notification of potential leads along your route.

End User Add Ons


-Visit Suggestions 

  • Links to your contacts and calendar. When a meeting is booked, and location added to calendar this will scan your contacts for additional clients nearby. In addition, when out driving geolocation based alerts if you are nearby a business contact in your phone. 

-OWA Plug-In 

  • This will link your outlook web access and store any attachments you send to a contact, allowing easy recall of any documents sent to each contact. 

-Voice to note 

  • Using built in voice memo you record the audio of the meeting, it is transferred to the cloud and off your phone where it is scanned by continuously learning AI to remove irrelevant information leaving only clear concise meeting notes.

Salesmaps for teams


SalesMaps For Teams Base Model

-Custom reporting on company letterhead with customizable recipient list.

-Online Dashboard for end users

  • Pre plan stops right from your computer
  • Review all logged trips
  • View an overview of accumulated data including:

  1. Total Business Trips Logged
  2. Total Personal Drives Captured
  3. Total Miles Driven
  4. Total Expenses Recorded
  5. Total Estimated Reimbursement

-Online Management Dashboard

  • View all logged information by team as a whole or by each user. Within the range of the managers choosing, including:
  • Approve Report and Submit to Accounts Payable.

-Optimal Route Planning – Input as many stops as you need to make in the day and SalesMaps will give you the optimal order and route to take.

  • Users can plan this by the day or by the week.

SalesMaps For Teams Add Ons

-Digital Wallet Sharing 

  • Whenever the team shares a corporate or personal credit card using the cards already installed in your mobile wallet you can share a card with a fellow team mate for a specified amount of time for them to use only during that window, it will show up in their wallet to use for Apple, Samsung, or Google Pay. 

-Team Chat 

  • A cross-platform encrypted messaging service that uses the Internet to send one-to-one and group messages, which can include files, voice notes, images and videos.

-Custom Branding and App Skins 

  • Company Name and Logo can be displayed right within the app 
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